AppsOnline offer small to medium businesses a unique online portal to effectively manage your business from any internet enabled device anywhere in the world.

From a simple customer database to complex quoting tools, AppsOnline has created a unique and easy to use interface for your staff to easily manage and track all their day to day activities as well as give management reporting tools to ensure the smooth operation of your business.

Business Tools

AppsOnline offer a wide variety of online Business Tools to help you manage your Business from anywhere in the world. From a simple client database to sales tracking, customer invoicing and quoting and much more it makes sense to put your Business in the cloud.

Management Reporting

All applications in AppsOnline offer full reporting to help your management staff make the right decisions. AppsOnline offers graphical reporting tools for ease of use and allows managers to see what is happening in your business at a glance. AppsOnline also offer custom reporting by date ranges and predefined fields to allow managers to make crucial decisions in their next marketing campaign.

Staff Control

Not quite sure what your staff are doing? With AppsOnline it is easy to track what any staff member is doing on the system, and where help is needed. From simple closure reporting to actual sales tracking management can once again at a glance track employee performance helping management to select the right person for the job and closing more sales.


Benefits of Cloud Computing

  • No need to backup as information is in the cloud
  • No expensive software needed on you computer
  • Access from any computer that has Internet
  • Updates and enhancements done continuously
  • No expensive annual licensing
  • As this system is modular you only pay for what you need


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